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Titre: collect grocery prices in abidjan (microworkers)
Date le: 03/04/18 10:26
Message Principal: hello community,

i'm mariana, sales representative of microworkers dot com.

we are looking for abidjan residents to help us with the latest project we are running on microworkers. our contract (employer) is aiming to collect prices on day-to-day groceries such as price on milk, orange, potato, mushrooms in local stores in abidjan city. each job is in shape of survey. some of the project specifics:

task payment: $1.00 (usd) per 1 survey (task completed)
task availability: 50 x 2 positions per 1 survey (basically each product will have 2 positions for utilization - 2 users can work to earn $1.00 each)
earning opportunity: $50 (as for now, there will be more when these finish)

you are allowed to go to any local store in abidjan city and complete each 50 jobs if all grocery items are available from the store.

link to register on microworkers: https: // microworkers . com/signup . php (please delete empty lines)

for any assistance or help with the registration on our platform, please reply here or pm me. i'm always happy to help.
***all willing participants (workers) would be subjected to withdrawal reliefs (no withdrawal pin) and won't need to undergo english qualification test.

once you register, please leave me pm with your name or user id (the series of numbers and letters beside your name from your accounts page) so that i can apply reliefs described above and add you to the group with workers from abidjan.

best regards,
marko [microworkers dot com]

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